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PHP 5.4 + suhosin = FAIL

I recently modified my dev environment to allow PHP 5.4 apps, something that involved adding a bunch of Debian Linux “wheezy” sources to my aptitude configuration. No problem in itself, but it did totally wreck my web server’s ability to load the extension (PHP 5.4 doesn’t support it). This wasn’t a biggie until I [...]

Debian LAMP dev server (and that’s it)

Another one? Really? I’ll be the first to admit there there is a huge number of documents, websites, tutorials and guides already available for what I’d say is one of the most common questions from web developers: “How do I setup my own Linux web development server?” Read that carefully – development web server. The [...]

JavaScript refactoring, the n00b way

I’m a bit of a n00b when it comes to doing stuff in JavaScript. So naturally, when I find a way of introducing a bit of efficiency into a JavaScript situation, I’m more than happy to throw it into the mix. My only disclaimer for the below ramblings are that if you’re a developer that [...]

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