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Interested in reading about things to do with REST APIs? I'll be posting that here.

The Twitter handle on the right of this page is my personal one, but my Nutanix-related tweets can be found by following @ChrisRNutanix.


If I work on a development project that's worth posting online - this is where it'll be.

These will be mostly based on Laravel, PHP, maybe Python and maybe C#, if I get back into that, again. :)


As part of my role in the Sales Engineering team at Nutanix, I get to see some of the coolest upcoming releases before most.

If they're available for public discussion, watch this space.

CentOS 7, DNS and firewalld

Yesterday I needed to setup a local DNS server. Sure, I could’ve used Windows but, mostly for licensing reasons, decided that using a free OS would be a much better idea. For various reasons I used to go with CentOS 7, the latest version of the CentOS Project Linux distribution. This particular server is virtual [...]

Packagist & Github – How-To Guide

I’ve got a few PHP libraries and classes that I use regularly and, since making the decision to base all my projects on the Laravel framework, have gotten fairly used to installing packages using Composer. I battled occasionally with getting my libraries to work with Laravel, mostly because of the way I’d written them, but [...]

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